Anonymous asked:
if it's a guy who doesn't know how to cherish you.. it's fine to lose him.. there's nothing to be sad about.. don't stay in the same place because of those who hurt you in the past.. you should run forward.. keep running.. as long as you run in front of that person then you don't need to look at his back and cry in secret.. it's already in the past.. what you should do now is hold your head up high.. let him see.. let him know.. even if your're by yourself.. you can live very well.. ~_~

I don’t even have to let him know because it doesn’t matter anymore. :) Thank you so much for this, anon! Also, pardon the very late response. But, well, as they say: it’s better late than never, right? ;)


what book is this?!

I think this is from The Westing Game. Thanks again to my dear friend, Toni Valdez, for the book! :)

I’m not the same anymore. I’ll admit it; a lot of shit got to me.

All I want is for you to see a side that I don’t show to anyone, in fear that they may turn and run.

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